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Membership Registration

I/We, hereby apply for Ordinary/Corporate/Associate Membership of the Selangor Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association and hereby agree with the Association, and with Committee thereof, and with each and every present and future Member thereof that I/We will confirm to and be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Association for the time in force, or from time to time ordained, and the interpretation and construction thereof by the Committee, or any Member or Members of the Committee to whom the Committee may duly delegate their powers, and also that I/We will comply with, abide by and carry out every notice, summons, decisions and directions of the Committee which shall or may affect me/us.

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We, the undersigned proposer and seconder do declare that we are satisfied that the

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as provided for in paragraph (5)(a)(b)(c)(d) of the Rules and Regulations of the Association

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  1. For associate member the proposer shall be the holding company who is an ordinary member of the association.
  2. Corporate and associate members cannot hold office and have no voting rights.

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  1. Ordinary membership shall be opened to all firms carrying on businesses as forwarders and logistics providers within the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan and the Federal Territory
  2. Paid up capital - Where a company, except for sole proprietorship and partnership, applies for membership (Ordinary / Corporate / Associate) henceforth under section 6 of the Rules of Regulations, it must satisfy a minimum paid capital requirement. (After next AGM)
  3. Minimum of 2 staff to attend Unescap Course
  4. Must have minimum RM100,000 liability insurance
Fees Ordinary Member Corporate Member Associate Member
Entrance Fee RM750.00 RM750.00 RM1000.00
Development Fee RM500.00 RM500.00 NIL
1st Year Annual Subscription Fee RM900.00 RM900.00 RM500.00
TOTAL RM2150.00 RM2150.00 RM1500.00
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